Infrastruturas de Portugal (IP) & Eress signed a Letter of Intention

The Letter of Intention was inked in Lisbon, during Eress Days 2024, in June. This agreement aims at adapting the country to the latest EU energy regulation. It outlines IPs’ plan to join Eress from January 1st. 2025, by establishing a fair and transparent way to measure, settle and invoice Train Companies running in Portugal.

IP & Eress emphasize their commitment to enhancing energy collaboration and sustainability of railway services. This marks a pivotal step towards a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly transportation network in Portugal. The Letter of Intention was signed by Miguel Cruz, CEO of Infrastruturas de Portugal and Kjetil Mikelborg, Chairman of the Eress Organisation. 

From January 1st. 2025 Eress is set to bring together 10 countries in a collaborative effort to standardize energy measuring, settlement, and billing for train companies across Europe. By working together, these countries will establish unified standards that simplify billing, reduce administrative burdens, and foster a more integrated and sustainable European railway network. This cooperative approach not only benefits train companies but also supports broader environmental and economic goals across the continent.

Kjetil Mikelborg, Eress Chairman (left) and Miguel Cruz, Infrastruturas de Portugal (right)



July 03 2024