Eress organisation

Eress is a non-profit organisation, jointly owned by its partners.

We are committed to ensure correct and transparent energy invoices to all train companies running in Europe. 

Eress current 9 partners are: Banedanmark (Rail NetDenmark), Infrabel (Belgian Railway Infrastructure Manager), BaneNOR (Norwegian national railway infrastructure manager), Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration), Väylä (Finnish Transport Agency), SBB (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen), Vivens (Dutch Railway Energy Procurement Cooperative), Adif (Spanish state-owned Infrastructure Manager) and CFL (Luxembourg Railway Infrastructure Manager)

We work together.  
We collect energy data. 
We exchange energy data among Eress 9 partner countries. 
We do exchange energy data with France and Germany, too.
We can exchange data with all other countries, according to the latest EU regulations.  
We settle energy data for all 9 Eress partners, according to each country's own national rules. After energy data is correctly settled, Infrastructure Managers can send transparent and accurate invoices to all Train Companies running on its networks.