In 2015 VIVENS joined the Eress partnership and made the Netherlands the 7th partner. 

VIVENS is a purchasing cooperative. The abbreviation stands for the cooperative “United Purchasing and Consumption of Energy on the Dutch Railway Network (VIVENS) UA”. In 2008, rail carriers and ProRail founded the cooperative to regulate the purchase and consumption of energy (diesel and electricity) and to optimize its purchase. VIVENS also operates refueling installations that are managed by ProRail.

Thanks to the collaboration within VIVENS between rail carriers (both passenger carriers and freight carriers) and ProRail, all VIVENS members have a transparent picture of the costs and the structure of energy rates. Joint purchasing provides benefits, such as lower rates and lower energy surcharges. VIVENS also serves as a consultation platform for rail carriers and ProRail on energy-related topics and joint energy interests are coordinated. For example, for the introduction of payment using energy meters, technical and/or environmental standards.

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Eress representative: Daan Verbaan

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