European Railway Energy: validation, settlement and billing system

Erex + Energy Meter = Accurate Railway Energy

Eress IT system, Erex, makes possible to bill accurately the energy consumed by trains.

Erex imports data from meters installed in electric trains and secures the validity of the data, allocates it, settles it and distributes it to infrastructure managers and train operators, according to national and international requirements.

Erex is the ideal solution for European corridors and international traffic, since it performs the actual calculation of bills for each train company operating in just one country or in many diverse countries.

Why start using Erex IT software solution?

Erex is a well-known and high quality proven solution for national and international trains that has been in operation since 2004.

Get online data and standardized reports. This will give train companies and infrastructure managers a correct overview and full control of the energy used by trains.

You don't need to think about learning and implementing the latest EU standards. Erex system is already compliant to them. Since 2007, Erex has used the international data exchange format, based on UTILTS and UIC leaflet 930. Eress organization is actively involved in the development of new EU standards, such as the IRS 90930.

Obtain a proven well working system and its know-how. With 9 countries already in the partnership, Erex has an extensive track record and know-how of data energy needs in diverse countries in Europe.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel. As a standardised European system, Erex reuses as much of the existing architecture components for any new potential partner. This means that a new partner benefits of getting a fully developed and standardised European system. We invite the remaining Infrastructure Managers in Europe to use Erex system. With Erex, any Infrastructure Manager can collect, validate and control their use and cost of energy from Day 1.

Do you have any problems billing international trains/or getting correct bills related to international trains?
 Erex handles optimally energy data for international trains. Erex is a flexible system that can be adapted to many diverse needs. Erex can be used as a stand-alone system or it can collaborate with other national and international systems, because it is built on open source.

Get an agile system.
Erex reacts quickly to customized energy specific functionalities, since it is not bound to systems for other purposes and is highly available.

Become one of Eress partners and benefit from having a stable and scalable system ready for further growth.

Share your costs and enjoy all developments. All development costs that benefit the other Eress partners are shared.

Secure a clear timeframe and implementation costs. All related costs for Erex implementation are clear and specified from the start.

Share and get more competence. All competence and knowledge in Eress partnership is based on collaboration across borders.

Eress surveys show a high customer satisfaction level and are used as base for further improvements and development of Erex system.



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