Why join Eress?

Collaboration that saves energy across EU

The adoption of energy monitoring and billing systems by operators and infrastructure managers is linked to the technical harmonization of the railway energy sector. A correct measure of energy consumption paves the way for understanding where and how the energy is being used. This, in turn, has many benefits, as seen below.

What are the benefits of joining Eress?

EU Regulation
In order to invoice trains correctly, EU regulation requires members to have:

- by 2020: an Energy Exchange and Settlement system

- by 2022: a Data Collection System (DCS) on ground

Using the Erex system fulfills these requirements and is easier than developing a separate system.

Energy Saving
By installing onboard energy meters as soon as possible, Train Operators will enable Infrastructure Managers to bill them transparently, according to the real consumption of energy, rather than estimated consumption. With Erex in place, measured train journeys have shown a 30 percent energy saving, which corresponds well with the EU’s environmental target of a 27 percent increase in energy efficiency by 2030.

Becoming a partner with Eress means having the ability to quickly introduce an industry proven and fully operational system. It only needs to be customised and adapted to the national specifications. Choosing this turn-key solution means saving thousands of hours of research and development, and not having to absorb the high costs associated with doing so. 

- Membership entrance is free

- Costs are shared among its partners

- No tender process is needed



For more information, please contact us: jaccla@banenor.no

Created Monday, January 21, 2019


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