Railway Performance in Europe

How are EU Member States performing?


Country   2015 Transport and railway performance
Austria  The share of renewable energy in transport is the third highest in the EU. 
Belgium  High score on all modes of transport
Bulgaria  71% of electrified railways
Croatia  100% EU directives transposed into national law 
Czech Republic        Competition both in the freight and passengers' rail markethas grown  considerably in recent years.
Denmark  Drivers spend less time in traffic jams than anywhere else in the EU
Finland  The quality of rail (+ port and air) infrastructure is rated second best in  the entire EU
France  Rated highly for its rail infrastructure, and the share of renewable energy
Germany  High ratings for its transport infrastructure for all means of transport
Greece  Consumer satisfaction with rail is higher than the  EU average
Hungary   EU transport related directives  transposed into national law is the lowest  in the EU (4%)
Ireland   100% EU directives transposed into national law 
Italy  Has a relatively high number of pending court cases concerning alleged  infringements of EU law
Latvia  100% EU directives transposed into national law 
Luxembourg   Leads the ranking as regards the electrification of railway lines, with  more than 95% of its lines electrified 
The Netherlands   Receives the highest overall score in this year's scoreboard
Poland  High share of electrified railways (over 62%)
Portugal  Lowest competition in both the freight and passengers rail market
Romania  Share of rail freight companies competing with the main operator is the  highest in Europe (56.8%)
Spain  Is far advanced as regards the completion of the TEN-T core network
Sweden  Leads in the share of renewable energy in transport
UK  Advanced in its completion of the TEN-T core network, with the  conventional rail network already fully completed. The market share of  competitors in passenger rail is the highest across the whole EU (89.7%)

Source: European Commision 

Created Sunday, November 22, 2015


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