Poland starts equipping its trains with energy meters

PKP Intercity improves the energy efficiency of its long-distance trains

PKPs entire fleet of electric multiple units and electric locomotives was equipped with 316 energy meters to get accurate data about its energy consumption.

All the energy measuring devices were provided to PKP Intercity by the Polish engineering company SESTO. In April 2019 they concluded the related agreement, which is valued in around 1.4 million euros. SESTO installed 316 energy meters of EM3000 type in electric trainsets and locomotives of the railway undertaking.

Moreover, the supplier implemented the monitoring system of energy consumption, power supply parameters and vehicle tracking in real-time. According to the agreement, SESTO will provide maintenance and servicing services for these solutions for a period of 48 months since their commissioning.

To read the whole article, please go to https://www.railtech.com/rolling-stock/2020/09/03/polish-long-distance-trains-equipped-with-energy-meters/

Created Thursday, September 10, 2020


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