Lineas to apply energy surcharge for rising energy prices

Belgian freight operator says it can no longer absorb the economic hardship caused by soaring energy prices

LINEAS has confirmed that it will apply a dynamic energy surcharge to all its transport from April 1 to compensate for rising energy prices.

Lineas says that at EEX, Europe’s leading energy market, the spot price per megawatt hour has more than tripled compared with average prices in 2021. 

The surcharge is applied on top of transport revenues and will be adapted on a monthly basis, based on changes in energy prices and considering possible energy consumption by national authorities. The surcharge differs between domestic and international transport to account for variations in how energy is charged to railway undertakings in different markets.

Lineas says that the current spot price is €300 per megawatt hour, and that the surcharge will range from 3.5% in the Netherlands to 8.1% in Germany.



Created Monday, March 28, 2022


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