Interview with Bjoern Lysne for RailTech

The most sustainable energy is the energy you do not use

Bjørn Lysne, responsible for the new Eress Data Collecting System (DCS) and Exchange, will be speaking at RailTech in Utrecht on June 22. “There is an energy deficit in the EU, it produces less energy than it consumes and is therefore a net importer of energy. With that comes a political risk, which we see now in our energy dependency on Russia. The EU is looking for ways to cut energy consumption. Rail was already in the spotlight because it is more efficient than other transport modes, but there is also still much to be gained in energy savings”, says Lysne. “The cheapest and most environmentally friendly energy is the energy you do not use.”

Click here to read the whole article: Saving energy in rail: ‘The most sustainable energy is the energy you do not use’ |

Created Wednesday, June 15, 2022


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