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Train companies shall pay for energy based on real consumption and market price to know what they are paying for.

In many countries train companies are still paying for energy based on estimates, like ton/km or gross ton/km. These estimates do not always reflect the real energy consumption and can be manipulated.
That’s why since 2014 energy meters on trains are mandatory in Europe. With this push from the EU Commission, all Infrastructure Managers need to get the tools to bill correctly and ensure that train companies can compete nationally and internationally.
The tools are energy meters and Erex system. With Erex system organizations can measure their energy efficiency, know and control their CO2 emissions and even regenerate the energy that trains haven’t used.
Banenor in Norway has a clear overview of the regenerated energy by trains since 2007, due to Erex.   
This is why, the amount of regenerated energy is shown on the invoice of each Train Operator every month.
The amount of regenerated energy in Norway has increased 164% since 2007. From 48.000 MWh to 128.000 MWh.
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Created Thursday, August 22, 2019


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