Erex new version will lift the energy settling and billing for 9 countries in Europe

The new version of Eress IT system, Erex 2.0, offers an upgraded IT solution for all Eress partner countries. All Infrastructure Managers from Eress Partnership and Train Operators running in their countries will move from Erex previous version to the new Erex 2.0.

We congratulate Finland, as the first Eress Partner to make the transition to Erex 2.0. Finland is now using Erex 2.0 and with this as foundation, the rolling out of Erex 2.0 in the remaining partner countries will continue. We would like to thank t
he efforts and commitment from everyone involved in Finland and in Norway.

Erex is an IT system that settles and invoices trains for actual energy consumption across national borders. Erex is owned by Eress. Today, Eress partnership consists of 9 Infrastructure Managers in Europe. 

Finnish train | © Micgelle / WikiCommons

Finnish train | © Micgelle / WikiCommons

Created Thursday, November 12, 2020


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