Article: Climate Train to Paris

Many people in Europe joined the Climate Train initiatives from last week.

Green trains departed from most of the European capitals to Paris. Their destination was COP21 (21st. session of the UN convention on Climate Change). People travelled to Paris to show up and demand a serious global environmental policy and real commitment from politicians.

From Oslo
One of the cities of departure was Oslo. People from all ages gathered at Oslo Central Station on December 3. Famous local musicians played for free that day. The climate and environment minister was there. The French ambassador was also there. More than 100 people went onboard the train that took off from Oslo on December 3 and arrived in Paris on December 5. Kids and even grandparents travelled from Oslo all the way to Paris to show that climate change is urgent. They travelled to show that every single person counts when it comes to demand real and global environmental commitment.

Climate train to Paris

Eress was also onboard the green train. As NSB (Norwegian Railways) mentioned in its program, energy matters a lot. By sending correct energy data, Eress allows NSB to save energy every single time a train moves.
Why were you on the Climate Train to Paris?
Mats (17) "I went to Paris because I can help to raise awareness".

Maiken (17) "I will help to decide. I will travel around the world. I want to live without destroying. Therefore, it is important to do something now.

Linda (69) "I am a grandmother. I am concerned that the kids inherit a world they can live in. I am part of this climate train to influence politicians, so that they do something now. I'm optimistic because there are more people like me who are concerned about climate".

 "Many people have worked together on this climate train initiative and they are very committed. COP 21 is so important. Therefore, if we are going to achieve it, it has to be now. And we have to work together", says Margrethe Sagevik, organizer and Environmental Manager from NSB.

In the end
Young people do not see environment as an idealistic movement. They want to inherit much more than just a trashcan of a planet. They travelled all the way to Paris to demand politicians from developing and rich countries to commit themselves and agree on how to work forward on a real green path. What is at stake its their future.

Created Wednesday, December 9, 2015


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