A guide to the New IRS 90930: yesterdays' presentation

Eress held yesterday an event called "The New International Railway Standard (IRS) 90930". 96 people registered to this event.  

The speakers were Bart Van der Spiegel (Railway Energy Expert and Representative of Infrabel at Eress Steering Group) and Bjørn Lysne (Exchange Responsible) at Eress. Both speakers were actively involved in the development of this new standard. The chat responsible was Ben Winters. He has an extensive experience in traction energy metering. From working at an Energy metering supplier to consulting Infra Managers and Train Operatos on how to succesfully start with energy metering projects in a country.

Thanks to the speakers and the chat responsible for sharing their knowledge in this interesting and dynamic event. 


if you are interested in their presentation, please CLICK HERE


Created Thursday, January 28, 2021


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