UIC IRS 90930 is now published!

"The new business standard for 'Traction Energy Settlement and Data Exchange' has now been published after several years of shared work by leading experts from many countries in Europe. It replaces the UIC Leaflet 930 from 2009, which it is partially based on.

This IRS defines and details processes, parties and data interchanges needed in traction energy settlement, with special focus on metering data. It covers many business aspects that are not covered by the technical CENELEC standards or the regulatory ERA TSIs, while being complementary and compatible with these.

Congratulations and great respect to all colleagues that have participated in this work. Well done!

If you have not participated so far in the UIC workgroup 90930, then you are hereby invited to join its maintenance group with scope of sharing experience, discussing challenges and solving problems in implementation of the 90930". 

Bjørn Lysne, Chairman UIC 90930 workgroup


Click here to download the new IRS 90930 




Created Wednesday, October 21, 2020


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