For you as infrastructure owner, there are obvious advantages:

Jointly Owned - NO Entrance FEE
There is no entrance fee to join as partner of the Eress organisation. As partner you can start using Erex system, which is already used by 9 countries in Europe (7 partners and 2 testing partners). Erex system is jointly owned by infrastructure owners (Eress Organisation) who equaly share costs and benefits. As partner you can actively decide on Erex further development and greatly influence its future.

Standard and Shared Know-How
You don't have to reinvent the wheel or pay for developing it, with Erex you can reinvent yourself just by starting using the shared know-how that is back Erex system. As standard, Erex follows all European Energy and Railway rules. And the most important, with Erex you can exactly measure, pay and bill railway energy consumption, locally and across borders.

Demand Driven and Open Source
With Erex you don't have to throw away your existing system. Erex is a demand driven and open source product that easily can be adapted to any existing national or/and cross-border system. Erex is the only system that truly works across borders. 


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