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June 9

Eress Forum 2022

Eress celebrates its 15 years of collaboration and to highlight it, we have chosen the place where it all started, Oslo. Eress Forum is the place that gathers all railway-energy parties. Organisations like EU commission and UIC will be there. Infrastructure Managers from Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Hungary, Germany and Norway will be there. You can also expect, Train operators, train manufacturers, as well as Energy Metering and Driving Advisory System suppliers.

What can you expect if coming to Oslo?
As we are celebrating Eress 15 years, it will be more than the annual Eress Forum.
This year we have organised other railway and social activities on June 8, 9 and 10, open for the participants joining us in Oslo.

Can I participate if I cannot go to Oslo?
Yes, you can. Please click to go to the registration page. We will send a Teams link for all participants that cannot join us in Oslo.  

Where can I register to participate in Eress Forum 2022?
Please click here to get registered both if you are going to be present in Oslo or if you would like to participate via teams




Morning session (Oslo & teams meeting)


Claudia van Diermen Jacobsen, Javed Asad, Ina Wiik (Eress)


Eress: 15 years
Gorm Frimannslund (Bane NOR CEO)
Vibeke Hodne (Eress Steering Chair)
Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen (Eress Director)


Technical Specifications for Interoperability: Update from the European Commission, DG Move
Keir Fitch / Spohn, Rail Interoperability and Safety Unit 


Eress solutions: Data collection (DCS), Exchange and Settlement of energy  
Bjørn Lysne & Gunn-Helene Krogstad, Eress


Portugal on Eress track
Marco Filipe Santos, Infratruturas de Portugal 


Coffee break


Hot topic session

Batteries & alternative energy sources, Eiril Bjørnstad, Bane NOR 

Connected Driving Advisory Systems, Daniele Arena


EU survey results: where are railways in the net zero emissions run?
Raimondo Orsini, Sustainable Foundation


End of morning session / Lunch break

The afternoon session will be for the physical meeting in Oslo, ONLY. It won't be available on Teams


Introduction to the afternoon session
Bart Van der Spiegel, Infrabel
Adrian Peter, Equasio


Workshop topics

Energy prices development in Europe

  • Impact on operations and energy settlement

  • How to reduce energy costs (proven measures)

Are the Corona effects for Train companies reversible?

  • How to get people back on the train

  • The shift from commuting to leisure travel

Connected Driving Advisory Systems

  • Do you already use Driving Advisory Systems?

  • Acceptance by train drivers


Wrap-up & conclusion


End of Eress Forum 2022



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