Eress Organisation

Eress is Europe’s leading train settlement system, composed of an open partnership of infrastructure managers. Together, we are working towards the standardisation of railway energy across Europe. This is achieved through the development, implementation, and supply of the energy settlement solution called Erex.

Eress Partner Meeting

Eress Partner Meeting consists of representatives from each of the nine existing partners and joint owners of the system. Each representative is appointed by its infrastructure manager, and the chairman is elected by the partner representatives. The Eress Partner Meeting is responsible for the strategic direction and further development of Eress. In addition, the Eress Partner Meeting elects among its representatives an Eress Steering Group responsible for the management and operation of Eress.

Eress Community

Eress works for spreading knowledge within railway energy. 

Eress events are organised for people working with railway energy, IT innovation, environment and railway energy savings. The idea is that people from many diverse places in Europe share their experiences and knowledge.

Eress Forum

Eress Forum is an annual conference held to discuss and share the latest in railway energy news from European regulators, decision-makers, and a variety of energy efficiency and metering experts. The forum has been organised since 2009 and gathers infrastructure managers and train operators across Europe, as well as representatives from the EU, DG Move, EURA, CER, and UIC. Eress Forum is the ideal place to network with potential customers and partners, as well as exchange experiences and knowledge surrounding the railway energy market. 

We have come a long way with Eress and the Erex system, but it is key that we continue collaborating with morecountries to really have an impact on the railway sector on the way forward. As a point of intersection where the energy and railway meet, Eress Forum is organised every year to share the latest regulatory, technical, and market related developments of the industry. As we learn to adapt to the new political and technological challenges ahead, we also need to pave the way forward.




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