Welcoming Our New Chairman: Lars Johansson

As one of the original creators of the Erex system, Sweden has observed, in-depth, the ever-changing dynamic between the railway and energy sectors over the past several years.
Lars Johansson, Energy Responsible at Trafikverket, has now been appointed Chairman of the Eress Board of Directors, and looks forward to driving more change in the years to come. 


As Chairman, Mr. Johansson hopes to get more partners onboard with the Erex system, making it the largest energy settlement provider in Europe.
“Eress is here to stay — we are in this for the long-run. We have a solution that already works very well for our seven existing partners,
but we are committed to developing further solutions going forward. For example, we are making our current system more user-friendly for partners.
That said, we are already working on simplifying the user interfaces within the Erex system and hope to have this update available on the next release of Erex 2.0.”


Furthermore, Mr. Johansson states, “The ever-changing landscape of technology creates on-going needs for both infrastructure managers and train operators, and we are keeping that in mind throughout this process.
Beyond that, we would like to continue expanding into other European countries as the most cost-effective solution available on the market.”


 Picture: Lars Johansson

 Text: Annika Utgaard

Created Wednesday, November 06, 2019


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