Vote for the EU-wide regulation on vehicle authorisation

The Implementing Regulation on practical arrangements for the railway vehicle authorisation and railway vehicle type authorisation process pursuant to Directive (EU) 2016/797 of the European Parliament and of the Council has received a positive vote in the Railways Interoperability and Safety Committee (RISC). This is a great achievement for the European Railways and a major milestone in the implementation of the Fourth Railway Package Technical Pillar.

For the European rail supply industry, the practical arrangements for vehicle authorisation under the fourth railway package is a key document in establishing a simplified and harmonised vehicle authorisation process throughout Europe and for achieving the benefits of the Fourth Railway Package Technical Pillar. It is estimated that the Technical Pillar of the Fourth Railway Package will bring a 20% reduction in the cost and duration of the authorisation of rolling stock, contributing to a saving for companies of EUR 500 million by 2025.
The practical arrangements for the vehicle authorisation should reduce the complexity, length and cost of the vehicle authorisation process, provide uniform conditions for harmonising the vehicle type authorisation and/or vehicle authorisation for placing on the market in the Union and foster collaboration among all the parties involved in the vehicle authorisation process.

The European Union Agency for Railways should set up guidelines describing, and where necessary, explaining the requirements set out in this Regulation. The guidelines should be updated, published and made available to the public free of charge. With the aim of harmonising the approach to the exchange and recording of information through the one-stop shop referred to in Article 12 of Regulation (EU) 2016/796 of the European Parliament and of the Council2, the guidelines should also include model templates set up by the Agency in cooperation with the NSAs.
The Agency and the NSAs should implement internal procedures or arrangements to ensure that the requirements of the vehicle authorisation process are fulfilled.

Source: Railway PRO


Created Monday, December 04, 2017


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