European Parliament approves 4th railway package

An agreement on the technical pillar of the 4th railway package has been approved at the European Transport Committee this morning.

These safety and interoperability directives and the European Railway Agency regulation are intended to remove the technical obstacles posed by differences in national standards, cutting the time and cost required to obtain authorisation for operators, locomotives and rolling stock to use the European rail network.

Under the agreement, ERA will become a 'one-stop shop' for all applications for safety certification and the authorisation of locomotives and rolling stock for cross-border services. For services within one member state, operators and manufacturers would have a choice of submitting applications to either ERA or the national safety authorities.

The European Parliament negotiators agreed that the new regime should be operational three years after the new rules enter into force.

The agreement 'also foresees a further harmonisation of technical standards to take place over time'. Member states may apply to ERA and the Commission for a one extension if necessary. 

Created Tuesday, November 10, 2015


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