EU member states unanimously voted for standardizing railway energy communication

European railways will be more standardized, open and competitive. EU Member States unanimously voted yesterday in favor for the amendments for closing the open point related to communication between Energy Meters (EMS) and Data Collection Systems (DCS). Standardizing railway energy communication will make possible to gather and exchange data in a much easier way.

The only request from the Member States side referred to the extension of the transitional period to 2022 for the implementation of track side equipment.

Click here to read more about ERAs' recommendation on closing the open point

The closure of the open point related to interface protocols between EMS and DCS and transferred data format, is part of the Technical Specifications for Interoperability in Europe, (TSIs ENE and LOC&PAS).

TSIs: Technical Specifications for Interoperability
TSIs are the specifications by which each rail subsystem or part of it is covered in order to meet the essential requirements and to ensure the interoperability of the rail system within the European Unions’ high speed and conventional rail systems

LOC&PAS TSI: Technical specification for interoperability related to the ‘rolling stock — locomotives and passenger rolling stock’ subsystem of the rail system in the European Union, including on-board energy measurement system. The TSI LOC&PAS defines the requirements of the EMS 

ENE TSI: Technical specification for interoperability related to energy. 
It includes the functional requirements of the on ground data collection system (DCS) receiving data from on-board energy measurement system (EMS). TSI ENE defines the functional requirements of the DCS 

To read more about the LOC&PAS TSI, click here

Created Wednesday, January 31, 2018


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