Deadline to meet the latest EU requirements for data collection

With the fast-approaching 2022 deadline for member states to meet the latest EU requirements for data collection, we sat down with Bart Van der Spiegel, Expert of Energy Management at Infrabel, the Infrastructure Manager in Belgium, and asked about what train operators and infrastructure managers should know about data collection systems (DCS) and how Eress can help. 


“According to EU regulations, communication between parts, defined in two different TSIs, should be uniquely specified," Mr. Van der Speigel explains. "Therefore, the TSI for rolling stock included the requirements for onboard energy measurement systems (EMS) and the TSI for energy detailed the specifications for all DCS.
In 2014, a mandate was given to update TSIs and create a protocol that would make communication interoperable, meaning that onboard EMS should be able to send data to any DCS on ground. At the same time, the EU Commission announced that it will now require every country to install their own DCS by January 1st of 2022. The new versions of TSIs published in June 2018 refer to the CENELEC standard EN-50463. A new version of this series of standards was published in 2017.”


“Eress has now begun the process of tendering its own DCS that will be compliant with the latest TSIs, while also fulfilling the requirements set forth by the new CENELEC standard. By having something like this available, it opens up a lot of new possibilities for partners, and it can be offered together with the already existing Erex Exchange. This means that if you want your meters to function together with a DCS-compliant protocol, then you can use the Erex solution to split up the energy and send it to the countries where the consumption took place,” Mr. Van der Spiegel states. He then adds, “We are hoping to have this latest solution ready and available by the middle of 2020, which will put both current and new Eress partners more than a year ahead of the deadline for the DCS requirement. Obviously any new partner doesn’t have to limit its partnership to only DCS and Exchange. They can also come onboard the full partnership, which includes a complete settlement system.”



The full version of this article can be found in Eress Magazine 2020.



Created Tuesday, August 27, 2019


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