European partnership for railway energy settlement systems

Eress is an open partnership for all interested infrastructure managers in Europe. Eress is a non-profit organization (public-public cooperation) that is jointly owned by its partners. Its goal is to work together and make railway energy standardized in Europe. This to give the possibility for train operators to become more competitive on a standardized and transparent basis. Eress partners use a jointly owned IT system called Erex to exchange and settle energy nationally and internationally.

Currently, Eress partners are:

- Banedanmark (Rail Net Denmark),

- Infrabel NV (Belgian Railway Infrastructure Manager),

- Bane NOR (Norwegian National Rail Administration),

- Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration),

- Liikennevirasto (Finnish Transport Agency),

- SBB AG (Schweitzerische Bundesbahnen) and

- Vivens (Dutch railway energy procurement cooperative)


Why Eress? 

With Eress you don't need to start creating a national and costly settlement and billing system from scratch. Get on-board and take the lead from the start! By joining Eress partnership you get a whole developed and EU standardised IT software. Moreover, you get ownership of the leading system in the area of railway energy settlement and billing in Europe. 

Eress membership entrance is free. There is no entrance fee to become Eress member. This, in order to make railway traffic and interoperability a reality. Eress is a hands-on organisation and as member you will actively influence how to govern and further develop Eress from Day 1.

You share costs. 
All IT development costs that benefit the other Eress partners are shared equally among its partners.    

You have access to a standardized European IT system from day 1.
New partners benefit of getting a fully developed and standardized system, compliant to the latest EU regulation. Since 2007, Eress has used international data exchange formats and has been actively involved in the development of new EU standards. 

Proven track record and know-how. With 7 countries already in the partnership, Erex has an extensive track record and know-how of data energy needs in diverse countries in Europe.


Postal Address:
Bane NOR, Energi, Eress
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0106 Oslo, Norway

Switchboard: +47 488 91 047


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