Eress makes the railway sector more energy efficient

Advantages of Eress organisation and its Erex system:

A single European railway area

Erex is the only system that works truly cross-border, independently from
the countries or train operators involved. Erex is also open-source and
easily adapted to any existing systems. This makes it a crucial cornerstone in building a single European railway area.

Traffic moved from road to railway

Erex system makes the railway a more attractive choice. Through making
the railway more efficient and reducing its energy consumption and costs,
Erex increases the competitiveness of the railway against any other
transportation mode. It helps moving traffic from road to railway.

Increased interoperability

With a more attractive railway, there will be stronger forces for transporting goods by rail. Directly or indirectly, this is likely to increase the efforts for enlarged interoperability between different transportation modes.

"Eress system, Erex, helps monitoring energy costs and consumption"

Increased cross-border rail operations requires the use of different energy suppliers.
Erex helps Rail Undertakings and Infrastructure Managers monitoring their energy consumption and related costs. This, of course, encourages
competition in the railway energy market. Third Party Access also encourages operators to buy electricity in an open and non-discriminatory way.

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