Eress Forum 2017

Paris, May 31

Eress Forum 2017 Program

08:00 Morning coffee and registration

09:00 Introduction
Claudia van Diermen Jacobsen, Eress

09:05 Challenges and expectations
Terje Stømer, Eress. Watch the presentation
09:15 Key speech
Frank Jost, DG Move, EU Commission. Watch the presentation

09:30 ERAs’ update
Ignacio Ballester Aliaga, ERA. Watch the presentation

09:45 Railway Energy at SNCF Mobilités
Chloe Lima-Vanzeler, SNCF Mobilités. Watch the presentation

10:00 Launch of Eress new partnership models
Ralph Luijt, Eress Steering Group. Watch the presentation

10:05 Eress ahead
Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen, Eress. Watch the presentation

10:15 Energy metering status in Europe
Raimondo Orsini, Sustainable Foundation. Watch the presentation

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Eress Award Competition
Introduction: Enno Wiebe (CER).

11:05 Energy Efficiency Train Trajectory Optimization & influence on DAS
Pengling Wang, Delft University of Technology, PHD Project. Watch the presentation

11:20 Optimizing trajectories of trains runs for effective energy consumption
using a traction- and speed-dependent engine efficiency level
Evamarie Wießner, Dresden University of Technology, Diploma Thesis. Watch the presentation

11:35 Q&A to Eress Award candidates / Introduction to the workshops

11:55 Lunch

13:00 Workshop 1
How to meet the New European Standards
Moderator: Bart Van der Spiegel, Infrabel Watch the presentation

Case studies
13:05 ÖBBs' case,
Michael Bares, ÖBB. Watch the presentation

13:15 What's next for Energy Metering
, Roberto Bonomi, Ciesse. Watch the presentation

13:25 Conformity assessment,
John Hegarty, SBB. Watch the presentation

13:40 Standardization work in Finland at FTA, Rami Huovinen & Iiris Saarenpää.   Watch the presentation
13:55 Working in groups
Discussion topics:
- Conformity assessment
- Railway energy standardization
- Energy efficiency & metering systems

14:25 Summary of the workshop

14:30 Coffee break

15:00 Workshop 2
International Collaboration: Where are we?
Moderator: Ian Papworth.

Case studies
15:05 Services based on metering: an international collaboration use case,
Simone Danieli, Saira Electronics. Watch the presentation
15:15 Energy measurement & saving, global approach,
Olivier Cissé & Philippe Aubin, Wabtec. Watch the presentation

15:25 Inside Erex, Mohammad Koteich, Eress. Watch the presentation

15:40 Working in groups
Discussion topics:
- International trains, challenges, needs, solutions
- International railway energy collaboration
- Energy efficiency, metering systems & international cooperation

16:10 Summary of the workshop

16:20 Wrap-up & Eress Award

16:35 Jazz by SNCFs' band 

17:00 End of Eress Forum



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